Opera House Technical Information


Rates are set by the Select Board. Rent is not charged for Town use. Revenues collected from events pay for facility operations - heating, utilities, maintenance and management. These rates are extremely low in order to encourage the widest possible use of the Hall.

Rates are as follows: (**Please note - our rates have recently changed**)

Public Events:

  • $20/hr. with a $40 minimum (i.e. 2 hrs) or $100 per day

  • There is a discount of 20% for ongoing/repeating events (5 or more).


Private Events:

  • $150 per time block (8:00 am – 5:00 pm daytime or 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm evening) 

  • Add $25 an hour for each additional hour before or after either time block.

Additional charges:

  • (Optional) The Friends will assist with and complete the post-event cleanup for a fee of $150 for private parties and weddings and $75 for other types of events.

  • A Site Manager is required for private parties and weddings. The fee is $25 per hour for the duration of the event.

  • The Friends may be able to provide (for additional fees): Garbage bag removal, a lighting person, a sound person, a parking attendant, ticketing, publicity, etc.

Handicapped Access

The Town Hall Opera House is fully accessible with an on-site handicapped parking space. The entrance is on-grade and there is a handicapped accessible bathroom on the entry level. There is a lift to the hall, which is on the second floor.



The maximum capacity of the Hall is 215 guests.


The dimensions of the main hall (excluding the stage and the area under the balcony are roughly 28 feet deep by 40 feet wide (1120 square feet). The dimensions of the usable area under the balcony are 9 feet by 25 feet (225 square feet). The dimensions of the stage (not including the overhang and the off-stage wings) are 14 feet deep by 21 feet wide (294 square feet).

Chairs and Tables

We have a total of 192 metal folding chairs. 50 of them are padded while the remainder are standard. They are distributed as follows:

  • 12 on ground floor

  • 130 in Hall (including 50 with pads)

  • 50 on the balcony.

We have 8 folding tables.

  • 4 are 30" wide by 6 feet long,

  • 3 are 30" wide by 8 feet long, and

  • 1 is 24" wide and 8 feet long. 

Portable Movie Screen

We have a portable movie screen that is 6-feet by 11-feet in size, mounted on two-foot-high legs.


There is wifi available.


The hall has a Baldwin grand piano of professional quality. Renters who want to use it are responsible for having it professionally tuned, if necessary, and for making arrangements to get the piano lock key.


There are two fiberglass a-frame ladders, one 16 feet tall and one 10 feet tall. 16 foot ladder may be used only with prior permission.


There is a small kitchen with a pass-through on the lower level. It has a propane stove with electric oven, a refrigerator and a microwave. Pots, pans, utensils, coffee cups, etc. may be used. However, renters who use the kitchen in any way are responsible for doing a thorough clean-up, leaving nothing behind.