Rental Application

Great! So you have looked over all the Plainfield Town Hall Opera House Rental information and now you'd like to submit your rental application. Please read the following reminders and answer the following questions and we'll be back in touch with you shortly.

Important reminders (see Rental Agreement for more details):

Cancellation policy

•  In extreme circumstances and at the discretion of the Booking Coordination and the Friends Board refunds may be given for cancellations at the rates of 100% prior to 72 hours before the event. if a renter cancels within 72 hours of the event the deposit will not be returned.

COVID Protocols

The renter agrees to these MINIMUM COVID protocols:

  • Mandatory masking for all anywhere inside the building

  • The use of hand sanitizer upon entering the building and throughout the rental time

  • Physical distancing (audience seating spaced a minimum of 3 feet apart)

  • Contact tracing information for all in the building

  • The renter can add to these mandatory procedures including mandatory vaccination, etc.

Changes to the contract

•  You will be charged an additional fee of $25 for requesting changes to the approved contract.

•  Additions are fine but require a separate application.

•  Rental time must include setup and striking time.

•  For instance, if you need the hall for your event from 2-4 and setup will take 2 hours and striking/cleanup will take 2 hours then your rental time will be from 12 to 4pm.



•  2 checks are required (plus cleaning fee if necessary):

  • Your Rental Fee check needs to be delivered or mailed to the Town Clerk. She is in her office MWF 7:30am to Noon & 12:30 to 4pm or by appt.  (141 Main. St., Plainfield 05667). Make checks out to: Town of Plainfield; PTHOH in memo line. 

  • After official approval of the events manager, mail in your Cleaning and Booking Reservation Deposit check to the Plainfield Opera House at P.O. Box 120, Plainfield, VT 05667. Make the check out to the Town of Plainfield with PTHOH written on the comment line. 

Serving Alcohol

If you would like to serve alcohol at your event, please read the following information about obtaining liquor liability coverage.

Post event

Leave the key in the drop box on the wall outside the door (on the left) as you are leaving.