Rental Process

The purpose of this page is to make the rental process clear and simple. Below is a detailed description of how to rent the hall as well as the online and downloadable forms you will need.

Please feel free to contact with any questions.



Steps for Rental

  • Once you have found a date and time available, submit an online Rental Application.  (If you are an authorized official of the Town of Plainfield, please use the Municipal Use Form.) 

  • Applications must be submitted by Tuesday evening, two weeks prior to your event.

  • After submitting this application, an events manager will contact you to work out the details of your rental and to confirm your rental fee (See the Rental Agreement for current rates). Confirmation of the rental will be completed by Friday of the same week. 

  • After official approval of the events manager, mail in your Cleaning and Booking Reservation Deposit check ($150) to the Plainfield Opera House at P.O. Box 120, Plainfield, VT 05667. Make the check out to the Town of Plainfield with PTHOH written on the comment line. When the check has been received you will be notified that your booking is confirmed.

  • After official approval of the event by the events manager, you will be connected with a Site Manager with whom you will schedule a tour of the Hall. In this tour, you will receive details about our lighting system, sound system, parking and clean-up procedures.

  • Your Rental Fee check needs to be delivered or mailed to the Town Clerk. She is in her office MWF 7:30 to Noon & 12:30 to 4pm or by appt.  (149 Main St., Plainfield.) Make checks out to: Town of Plainfield; PTHOH in memo line.  Renter receives key only after receipt of funds.

  • If you have indicated your desire to advertise your event in our monthly newsletter and online calendar, you will need to send a blurb to the event managers by the 15th of the month prior to your event. All other advertising is your responsibility. 

  • If you want to use the signboard to advertise your event please ask the event managers when it will be available to you.



Post Rental

  • All renters are required to complete a Cleaning Checklist and a Rental Feedback Form. Both of these documents are in folders in a file mounted on the wall of the mop closet. Please complete both of these forms and leave them in the designated folder. (The Rental Feedback Form can also be completed on-line).

  • After you have finished cleaning up and completing the forms, lock the door and deposit your Town Hall key in the drop-box mounted on the door frame just outside the door.

  • Your deposit will be returned to you (or destroyed) after a successful post-event cleaning inspection. If the post-event inspection finds issues with cleaning, etc. your deposit will be kept by the Town and you will be sent a description of the issues that were found.

Rental Documents